Employer Services

Employee Assistance Services

  • Access to toll-free telephone assistance twenty-four hours a day/everyday
  • Telephone consultation with employees and family members. (Telephone answered by Master's level mental health professional at all times.)
  • Referral to local ResponseWorks mental health professional if needed
  • Four in person consultation sessions per person (employee or family member)
  • Four sessions available per occurrence
  • Follow-up with referral sources
  • Quarterly utilization reports
  • Design of promotional material

Manager/Team Leader Consultation Services

  • Access to program manager for consultation regarding personnel issues
  • Coaching and assistance regarding use of the employee assistance program
  • Training assistance in such areas as communication skills and teamwork

Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Services

ResponseWorks, Inc. emphasizes prevention when it comes to workplace violence and threatening behavior. We teach managers and other employees how to keep small problems from becoming explosive ones, and how to recognize and respond to an escalating threat to safety in the workplace. Whether the issue is work related or stems from domestic violence, our aim is to help make it much less likely that you will ever need our trauma response services. However, if you do, our training will have made you better able to respond effectively, and our crisis response team will be there to support you and your employees.

Downsizing Consultation and Support Services

ResponseWorks, Inc. provides consultation and training for managers faced with implementing corporate downsizing policies. Assistance is provided through ongoing consultation regarding employee responses to job loss, as well as group training sessions. Resources and support services are also provided to employees who face serious life transitions in terms of job loss, relocation and early retirement. Services are provided individually and in groups both for those losing their job as well as 'survivors'.

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